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"I tried the big box hearing aid stores that advertise heavily on tv ( no names mentioned ). Actually bought my first instruments there. Had an issue and their answer was to buy new instruments. I found Dr. Harrington, via a reference. She and Tina are wonderful. Bought new instruments from over four years ago, any issues ( mostly mine), she would get me in for an adjustment and/or tune up. Today she did a hearing update and made the necessary adjustment, I didn’t realize how much I was missing! Original instruments, adjustable and comfortable!! No up sell or pressure! Great product and people!!!" - Hustlin H.

"My Mom is visiting from out of town and had problems with her hearing aids. Dr. Harrington and her staff were able to help her right away. So thoughtful! Thank you!" - Do More Good

"A+, excellent!  Nice to work with.  Pleasant personality.  Makes you feel comfortable.  Overall the best ever!" - Karen G